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15 years! I still have a t-shirt from DA's 10th anniversary, and I have fond memories of the moments I had wearing it.

So let's do this questionaire thing...

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?: 5 years

  2. What does your username mean?: A love for and connection to wolves

  3. Describe yourself in three words.: Arroooo! Arrooooo! Howl!

  4. Are you left or right handed?: Righty

  5. What was your first deviation?: Can I be too embarrased to say?

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?: Literature

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?: Animation

  8. What was your first favourite?: Probably a Pokémon, I do have certain favourites...

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?: Cartoony digital art

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?: Three way tie: :iconvaporotem: was my first DA superstar whose art I loved, nowadays I'm a big fan of :iconalectorfencer: and :iconsilverfox5213:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? :iconvaporotem:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Everyone in Quad-and-fursuiting for being a first inspiration in my journey to getting a fursuit!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Pencil and paper, and my computer

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My bedroom

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Going to Deviant Meets in 2010


The height of Summer! Temperatures were more often than not peaking above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun spent most of its time within clear skies. Jordan and Peter were two best friends eager to make the most of July's climatic bounty, and to achieve such a thing, they had decided to throw a house party for no particular reason than to let everyone have fun in the sun. Already they had inflated a medium-sized pool, prepared pasta and potato salad, and marinated chicken wings for the barbecue, but none of those could compare to the awesomeness that was... a massive bouncy castle! It wasn't as if there were any laws against people in their late teens reliving the activities of their childhood. This was an indulgence that no-one should deny!

11am, the back garden. Jordan was busy working on inflating the bouncy castle. The hire company had provided a tank full of compressed air, and a pump that would fill the castle's cavity. There was enough air in there keep it topped up as the day turned to night and the party rolled on. The mighty air-filled dwelling swelled in front of the youth's eyes, the structure becoming more sturdy as it filled up with air.

"Think that's enough, Jordan? Don't want it too taut, don't think that'd be comfortable", advised Peter loudly.

"Sure", replied Jordan, shutting off the noisy pump's power and reaching for the castle's inlet, preparing to quickly unplug the hose and plug the valve, when suddenly the castle started to float upwards, eluding Jordan's grasp as it started to hover above the ground, slowly rising.

"Hey! What gives?" Jordan leapt up, grabbing the end of the hose as it rose and holding it tight. "Peter! Hold on to that castle so I can unplug this thing!" Peter tried, but the castle was so full of air that he just couldn't get a grip. Jordan's grip let up too, the castle rising once more as he let go of the hose, tugging at the tube, rising with enough force to disconnect it from the pump at the other end, freeing it from its shackle. Jordan cursed inaudibly as the castle rose skyward out of their reach, at least a dozen feet above the ground. He caught a glance at the air tank as he murmurred miserably; it was a helium tank! Why would they provide that? It wasn't like they'd ordered balloons or anything, and anyway, the concentration was much too great for that use. Jordan was getting angry, and let his rage out at the pump, giving it a good kick. The pump responded, emitting a burst of helium. The pressure was enough to blow Jordan off his feet, sending him flying onto the lawn. It may have looked a bit painful, but Peter couldn't help laughing a little at the sight of it.

"Be careful, that pump was feisty."

Jordan coughed, picking himself up, panting slightly. "There's probably a bouncehouse flying around making news somewhere... I should rent another."

"I doubt we can afford it... and without our bouncy castle, I'd call the party ruined!"

"Hmmm... we need a quick replacement idea... and fast..." said Jordan, pretty quickly, his voice seeming to squeak a bit. He gave a cough in response. "Pardon, voice cracked a bit. So, we need a new attraction before the guests arrive!"

"Pardon?", responded Peter, looking at his friend with a curious look. "Your voice sounds a little higher pitched than the Jordan I know. Been at the helium?"

"No way dude! I haven't inhaled that stuff since I was in 4th grade!", protested Jordan, leaping a bit. His skin was glistening in the sunlight, making Peter wonder if he had put enough sun cream on... or more than enough.

"I don't think I sound any different, at least. Who knows..." The teen sat down on the lawn, yawning a little and rubbing his chin...

"Wh- that squeaked!" Peter could definitely hear it: the sound of rubber on rubber as Jordan rubbed at his chin.

"Huh? What? What squeaked?"

"Surely you'd know what squeaking sounds like, having inflated a bouncy castle with he-" Peter stopped in mid sentence. Jordan's skin looked more pliable as he rubbed at it, his face deforming, looking like it was growing a muzzle.

"You feeling alright? You're looking a bit pale", asked Jordan, perhaps a pinch of playfulness in his voice.

"W-what about you? You're looking a b-bit orange...", stammered Peter, watching the skin change colour as it was rubbed. First the chin, and now the top of his head: under his touch his hair smoothed, reshaping as if filling with air, into a pair of rubbery-looking puffy tufts, semi-transparent vinyl dyed a violent shade of orange.

"I feel fiiiiiine..."

"OK, this is creeping me out, Jordan", said Peter, sounding a bit hollow. His friend's face was looking less and less human. Now he was rubbing his nose, which sealed up under his hand, swelling and hardening, becoming a lump of blue plastic at the tip of his stretched-out snout. Peter shrieked, worried about his friend's health. Could he breathe through that? Jordan's face certainly showed no panic about being unable to breathe... his mind was telling him he never needed to anyway. He looked over at Peter with a widening grin. His horror was palpable.

"What are you smiling... at..."

"Oh no reason! I just feel good!" Jordan giggled as he leaped up, whipping a magneta bandana from out of seemingly nowhere and tying it around his muzzle. Printed upon it was a pattern resembling a maw of bared fangs, accentuating that creepy smile.

"Wh-where did that come from? Stop this, this isn't amusing!"

"Where did what come from?", replied the canine-faced Jordan with a sly squeaky tone, pulling down his bandana with a rounded orange paw with short blue plastic claws fused to it. "You sure you're feeling alright? Maybe you need some more candy... I'll be right back!"

Peter scratched his head as his friend bounded off to the kitchen, still transforming as he leapt away. Candy? At this time? He could hear him raiding the cabinets, saying "I'm gonna grab your favourites!" in a sing-song voice, and the sound of rustling bags, growing louder. The being that was now totally unlike Jordan was returning, now free from his clothes, exposing orange, cream and blue vinyl skin, canine features like pointed ears and a tail, and a telltale valve on his thigh.

"In... inflatable?", pondered Peter in wonderment. He approached the dog slowly, pushing down on its curly tail, which sprang back up as he released his press. A husky, perhaps?

"Heehee! What're you trying to do, silly?"

"Er... n-nothing." Peter hid a blush. That definitely felt like vinyl... it was pretty soft...

"Theeeeeeeen breakfast time!", shouted the high-pitched husky, pouncing on Peter and forcing his mouth open, pouring a bagload of candy into his maw, wrapper and all.

"Akth!" Peter tried spitting out a wrapper. This husky was mad!

"Awwwwwww, you don't like these? I thought these were your favourites!", said the pooltoy, bounding up with his air-puffed paws, toes all merged together. "You love eating candy! L! U! V!"

"Argth! Not the time, Jordan!" Peter coughed, his mouth crammed full of plastic wrappers surrounding candy he couldn't even taste.

"Whooooo's Jordan? Unless this is some new nickname you thought for Bandetto here..."

"Pardon? B-Bandetto? Who?", said Peter through a mouth of candy, swallowing the awful taste of plastic.

"Meeeeeeee!" This... Bandetto was leaping so much, his printed-on flat paw pads visible through the translucent orange skin. He kept ripping open bag after bag of candy and forcing the contents down Peter's mouth. "Eat up! It's breakfast time!"

"It is NOT breakfast time!" The candy kept falling down Peter's gullet, definitely not going down easily. He could hear an echo within him, as if each piece of candy was striking its wrapped compatriots, rather than plopping in his stomach acid. "And can't you unwrap these? Paper and plastic don't taste nice."

"Awww, since when have you ever sad that? You love eating candy!"

"NOT WRAPPED THOUGH!" Peter was helpless versus the giggling creature as he continued to load him with sweets. "Stop giggling! Not funny!"

"Not funny? Well, I say YOU'RE acting funny, TQ! Heeeheee!" Peter's cheeks turned pink as they were stuffed with candy; that Bandetto just wouldn't stop filling his maw! Stuffing it like a cone... in fact, Peter's nose did seem to be pushing out and getting very pointy... just more room for Bandetto to stuff with candy! He just kept tirelessly pushing it in, its force pressing against the skin of Peter's reddening face, thinning it as it pushed out.

"Stop... laughing..." Peter was getting angry, face turning scarlet. He rubbed his cheek, the skin feeling paper thin under all that candy pressure.

"Heeeheehee! I can't stop! Telling me to stop just makes me want to laugh more!!"

"Can't stop... can't stop..." Peter clenched his hands as the candy thudded and echoed within him. Too focused on the endless torrent of candy, he didn't notice his hands and fingers swelling, nor his eyes widening as his sweet-filled head morphed, pupils becoming large and black.

"Heeeheee ahahaha!" That laughter... it was becoming infectious... Peter's tightened hands became more angular, dyeing a deep cherry red as his fingers became stubby within his fists.

"Heheh... maybe it is a little funny", Peter panted through his tightly packed mouth.

"Yeah! You gotta eat the paper too! You can't do just the candy! Surely you should know that! Heeheehahaha!"

Peter released his clench and started grinning, revealing teeth than were getting sharper by the second. Maybe... maybe he should... know that... he felt his right hand clench once more, but this time it felt like he was gripping something. He pointed his pointy muzzle at the hand to check out what he was grasping: a solid baseball bat with white tape wrapped around the handle, and the letters "TQBF" carved into the barrel. Looking at this bat... holding it... it felt good. Familiar? As Peter pondered, he absentmindedly reached into an open bag of candy and tossed some into his mouth.

"Heehee! Oh, now you're getting it!"

Yes! That tasted perfect! So delicious! Delicious candy filling his belly as it hollowed out and hardened. This'll be good for all the partygoers that were out to get their fill of candy! Peter just had to put that joy into words!

"Yes! I'm not the only one who gets to taste that sweet sweet sweet sweet..." Peter found his voice repeating that one word over and over like a broken record, decaying with every repetition, straying from the human standard, just as his mind was.

"The sweeeeeet?" said Bandetto, his voice seeming to stretch like his rubbery skin. Peter's voice was becoming flatter, sounding more synthesised.

"...sweet sweet sweet sweet candy!" Bandetto clapped happily, joyous that TQBF had found sense at last.

"Yeah! That! Sweet! Candy! You better get a full breakfast! We got work to do! Now, where can we get our music on in here...?"

TQBF tried thinking, using his head, but the space that used to be occupied by a brain was hollowing out like the rest of him. He screwed his eyes as his ears grew out, large, conical and colourful. Bandetto's head was hollow too, a literal airhead. His orange and blue ears twitched, the pink crown around the right ear rattling as it shook. All he could feel was an urge to make music. As for TQBF, his only urge was to keep eating candy! He kept stuffing himself, his body stretching, torso and limbs becoming cylindrical, tearing apart the clothes he was wearing for some reason,  making more room for candy! He shouted his desires and demands as his colourful skin was revealed! Cherry red! Vermillion like cinnamon! Shining lime green! Grapefruit gold!

"YAAAAAY! More candy time!" Bandetto poured the contents of another bag into TQBF like a jug of water into a glass. Hard striped candies were tumbling into every space of the expanding cavity as his flesh stiffened. Into his arms, into his legs... the lining of the candy-filled chamber was hardening, becoming tougher than cardboard, and paper flaps were sprouting from his papier mâché skin, swaying with every movement. A long thick tail began to emerge from his rear, it too swelling with the sweet stuff as it grew to a familiar sharp point, just as acute as his ears and nose.

"More candy! More!" TQBF screamed to be filled with sugar, as his feet thickened while Bandetto scoured the pantry. He could feel pure exhiliration as his soles flattened, becoming flush with the ground. Perfectly flat, pink pads just painted on.

"M-m-m-m-m-m-more..." moaned the pi
ñata, as the pooltoy husky grabbed more bags full of brandless candy and stuffed them in his mouth. "Uhh, yeah, that's, so, sweeeeeeet..." On and on it went, until every sweet thing in the house had been stuffed inside the fox, and all was rattling about inside him as he leapt up and down. Bandetto gave TQBF a friendly pat on the back.

"Hehee! All full up! Now, let's have a party! We can play pool games and piñata games and make music!"

"Yeah! Yes yes yes!", TQBF exclaimed, leaping about wildly. "Pool! Music! Give! Me! Helium!" The fox smashed a window with a toss of his bat and jumped inside, rebounding out with a folded rectangle of black vinyl in his paws. He threw it heavily onto the air tank, with which it fused, absorbing the tank and its contents, unfolding and expanding into a long cuboid with loads of functioning switches and devices on top. Bandetto tilted his head curiously; was that... it was! An inflatable DJ's turntable deck!

"You GENIUS!" Bandetto jumped onto it, gripping it as he bounced it towards the paddling pool, splashing about within. TQBF threw over some vinyl records to the husky; he'd rather stay away from something that would dampen his papery self.

"Yeah! Party it up!" Already Bandetto was getting the music on, turning up the volume as TQBF practiced his baseball swings. "We gotta get our crowd in here!"

"They'll hear you from miles away!", commented The Quick Brown Fox, able to be a bit expressive despite his artificial-sounding voice.

"THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!" shouted Bandetto. The fox gave a hearty "YEAH!", swinging his bat hard, thwacking a tree with so much force it crashed to the ground.

"Woah!", exclaimed the floaty mutt as he reverbed the record. Already a few curious people were looking over the fence, seeing Bandetto play on top of the pool.

"Hmm..." TQBF rubbed his head, looking at the felled tree. "Hey, got any craft stuff, Ban? I have an idea..."

"Uhhh, like, I dunno! I got a crowd to please! Just raid the place, help yourself!"

With a massive crunch, TQBF kicked the door of the shed down and bounced inside. The DJ in the pool would normally have cared about his house being destroyed but... that husky's airhead only wanted muic and crowd pleasing! He kept on playing to a few people grooving along, but that number was growing! While he pumped out thumping tunes, the fox was busy with a hacksaw, cutting a cavity from the fallen tree, heaving it out with the strength that his sturdy construction gave him, and shoving in his own DJ decks into the gap. Bandetto looked back as he worked his records, watching the fox smear the log with glue and stick torn-up tissue paper to it.

"Hey! I should have my own themed DJ deck too!"

"Hehehe, you got it! TQBF everybody!" The crowd gave polite applause to the piñata as he planted his records in place.

"So, how many BPMs do you want?" The crowd responded immediately, shouting ever increasing numbers, the revolutions of the turntables speeding up to match the requests, all the way to 400 BPM! Well, he wasn't The Slow Brown Fox, right? The crowd had grown so much now, and they were all cheering loudly. Things had gotten so raucous over that accelerating DJ set!

"Wow, what a party! Hey Bandetto, why don't you take over?"

"You got it TQ! Pool party at Bandetto's! Who brought their trunks? Because this pooltoy says it's playtime!"

The word spread of Bandetto's offer, as the crowd shifted. Meanwhile, TQBF was getting in a few more practice swings.

"And if you don't want to hang out with ol' squeaky, who wants some candy?"

Well, pretty much almost everyone. Bandetto egged them on, asking them to grab their bats and sticks and ready themselves to break the piñata.

"Break me? Well, you're going to have to fight me if you want to! Bring it on!" TQBF clutched his bat tightly as the revellers swarmed forth, grabbing branches and such, eager to clobber the piñata, who swung back violently, fending off the crowd.

"The first one to break the piñata gets all the candy! And he's been eating it for hours!", screamed Bandetto, laughing immaturely, watching the melee unfold. TQBF swung around, being jabbed and poked from all directions, determined that he'd never be broken. Then suddenly, from somewhere within the swarm, someone shouted...

"Now! Pile up on him!"

Suddenly the fox was crowded and pounced upon, dogpiled by several humans, who grabbed his limbs and started to tear them away, snapping them off his torso. TQBF groaned; for all the defence he put up, in the end it felt so enjoyable to be just torn apart... Several younger people started beating at him with sticks and bats, candy spilling out from the holes they punched in his stomach. He just grinned weakly as he got bruised and beaten, his smiling head's expression freezing as it got torn off from his body. Soon he was bled dry of the candy inside him, as Bandetto rooted for the partygoers looting his payload. The party continued for another hour after that, but TQBF just lay in pieces, expression frozen in a weak smile, his seperated body completely immobile. He was hurting all over but enjoying it...

As the partygoers dispersed, Bandetto wound things down and bounced over to the injured piñata, looking down upon the tatters of papier mâché and his empty hollow insides.

"Hehe, poor thing... come on, let's get you back together!"

The husky picked up the scraps laying around TQBF's body and pushed them back into the holes in his papery skin, fusing with the
mâché, leaving no signs of damage. He panted as his head and limbs were reunited with his torso, and weakly thanked Bandetto.

"You looked like you had fun!", said Bandetto chirpily. The fox weakly agreed, picking himself up and searching the ground for empty wrappers and leftover pieces of candy and swallowing them up.

"As much as I love to defend my payload I love to give it away... I just seem to enjoy getting beaten and bruised."

"Hehehe, of course! It's only natural for a

"Hehe- oh! I just realised! For all the fun we had... we never had a bouncy castle!"

"Awww, you're right..." As Bandetto hung his head, TQBF's eyes darted to the pump... then to Bandetto... then to the pump again... then back to Bandetto, upon whom he pounced!

"GYAH!! TQ! What?!", shouted the husky as the fox beat him down, supressing him and uncorking a valve. Bandetto moaned as he started to deflate, a slight whistle sounding as he slowly lost air, but that loss was to be short lived, as the piñata plugged in the pump's hose and started reinflating the pooltoy! He squeaked and meeped as he expanded, getting bigger and bigger, full of helium. His belly widened as it flowed right in, expanding and expanding. His body was really morphing now, stretching out, his legs shortening, shrinking into his body as it curved over into an angular C-shape. His arms felt weird, stretching out and merging with his deformed body, altogether forming an enclosed space.

"TQ! Halp!", shouted the head sitting atop the newly formed bouncy castle, its smile freezing in place as the fox bounced within it.

"Whee! We got a bouncy castle after all!"
The Ultimate Party [collab with Luigio]
Words by me and Lui, copyedited by me.

Another Lapfox TF! This time featuring Bandetto and TQBF! Pooltoy TF may be a common thing but few ever consider to try a Piñata TF!

Came here via :iconlapfoxfans:? I know this isn't what you usually get normally, but I hope you liked this and our previous Lapfox transformation story. I want to write some more, so if you have any requests or ideas, leave a comment below for me to consider! Thanks!

Characters (C) Lapfox Trax, uploaded with the stipulation that this is explicitly fanfiction.
Urgh... Where are we now?"

Travis consulted his map, as he and Steven trod exhaustedly through unknown countryside. His friend plopped down on a nearby stone to catch his breath. "We're still not even close to the trail... I don't even know which direction we're going!" Travis looked around him, analysing his surroundings to no avail.

"None of this matches up with anywhere on the map...", moaned the exhausted hiker, wiping his brow.

"You serious? Where did we even get split from the trail? That feels like hours ago", asked the other, panting, heaving under the weight of his backpack.

"I'm sure I followed the signs!", protested Travis. "Huff... maybe I need a drink... I could have been seeing things."

"Sure thing. I wouldn't mind a break either. My legs are killing me!" complained Steven, towelling his sweat.

"Did you hear any running water? There may be a spring close by..."

"I think I heard some water a while back. Somewhere over... that way? Or over those hills? Or..?" Steven pointed randomly, unable to recall the location of the spring.

"Let's just keep our ears sharp", advised Travis, leading Steven in any old direction. His friend looked to the sky.

"I think we've still got a few hours left in the day", observed Steven.

"It does seem to be getting a little darker... especially with the growing shade from the trees. The sun's really setting now."

"There do seem to be a lot more trees... hang on, are you leading us into a forest? Shouldn't we try to find someplace where it's more open?"

"Come on Steve, let's just enjoy the walk while it's still light. Honestly, I kind of enjoy the feeling of solitude here."

"Really? We're kinda lost and not sure where we should go...", moaned Steven.

"It's just a gut feeling. we may find a brook here. It... seems like the right location", wondered Travis.

"Alright, lead the way. I hope you're right, I feel parched..."

Travis did so, peering into the woods, viewing the scene. "It's like something out of a story. A babbling brook in a secluded glade..." He peered deeper, squinting a bit. "It even looks like it is... Kind of like a hand painted woodland scene." Steven looked around too. He had to admit the place did look very calming and peaceful, but the lingering sense of being lost emerged once more.

"I just hope there's no bears or cougars around that would have us for dinner..." said a fearful Steven.

"It's too serene for that", replied Travis, sitting down and putting his feet up.

"Uhh? What are you doing?", questioned Steven, watching his friend raise his boots into the air.

"Relaxing. It feels relaxing here. I felt there was no better place to do this", said Travis, calmly, panting slightly. Steven rubbed his neck apprehensively, continuing to look around.

"Yeah, it's nice. Quiet and relaxing but... aren't you worried about where we are?"

Travis just smiled, basking in the serenity. "Got to rest those feet..." He observed his friend's shrugs, as he set down his backpack and rested against a tree. "Nice, maybe you'll enjoy it too when you relax."

"Alright, alright...", said an impatient Steven. "I really think we should look for a way to the trail, but if you insist..." He leant his head back against the tree and sighed, Travis also looking up at the darkening sky.

"We could try, but I doubt we'd have the time. Want to set up camp?" asked Travis.

"Yeah, probably should. It doesn't feel like any bears are around. I'll get us started. See if you can find some firewood."

Travis had pulled out his map again. It seemed like they had ended up setting up camp in some sort of glade, although there was no evidence of such thing on his charts.

"You know, maybe we're the first people to discover this place. That's why it's uncharted", wondered Travis, wandering about, looking for naturally felled trees.

"Really? I would have figured everything around here was discovered by now... I mean, what parts of the world isn't?", questioned Steven, clearing the ground for setting up the tent. Travis wandered a short distance to collect a large log, and as he made his quick journey, he wondered curiously how this glade could have been overlooked. He dragged it back to Steven, who was hooking a canvas sheet to the pegs he had driven into the ground. He gave Travis his thanks, and asked him to fetch some rocks, reasoning that with both rocks and wood, they could build a proper campfire.

"Sure...", agreed Travis, leaving Steven once more. He wandered through the woods, under archways made by the leafy canopies, deeper into darkness, while Steven continued to put up the tents and set up camp. Further and further he went into darkness, although... what was that? In a small opening in the distance, he saw rays of light dancing through the treetops. A way out? No, it'd be too dark outside the forest... so what was the source of this curious illumination? As Travis entered the clearing, he discovered that it wasn't so dark outside after all. The sun was almost down, but the sky was red, and what little daylight was left shone intensely through the branches above onto a large stump on the ground. There seemed to be something sticking out of it...

"Steven?", shouted Travis, with as loud a voice his exhausted lungs could muster, but it fell flat, refusing to echo or escape the clearing. With no response or hope of one, Travis instead decided to focus on that stump. Funny what he said about storybooks, because this felt somewhat like something he read in one...

The embedded object was somewhat dark, but still had a noticeable shine in the light's rays. Tentatively approaching closer, things got clearer; Travis saw it was a sword, though one of unusual shape and coloring. The steel blade was hued navy blue, and the sword was jeweled at the hilt. This was definitely the stuff of fairytale. Travis cast his mind back to Arthurian legends, the tales of the sword in the stone... however, this one was embedded in a stump. In the search for rock, it felt like the forest was mocking him. Travis sized up the sword. It had a radically different appearance to those expect to turn up in the fables and stories. This sword's shape hardly lent itself to any sort of historical design. Sharp teeth could be seen along the blade's edge around the area where it penetrated the stump, splintering the wood in which it was embedded. Maybe this sword would be a little easier to remove than Excalibur. Perhaps it could be useful for hikers fending for themselves in the glade. As the light faded, Travis stepped onto the stump, breathing onto his hands, knowing that now would be a better time than ever to release the blade.

The lost hiker readied himself, and clasped his hands around the hilt. As he made contact, he felt a chilling feeling through his body, a gust of wind blowing around him, if for only a moment. He felt that was the signal to make his move, the harbringer of night's fall, penetrating even this most sacred hollow. Travis held tightly, and slowly drew his arms upwards, pulling at the hilt. The weapon, at first, resisted the tug, staying stuck in the stump. But with another pull the sword suddenly glowed with a blue aura, unusual characters glowing on the face of the blade. The glint of text caught Travis's eye, and, still holding the hilt, he swung his head down, observing the blade, and the characters that appeared.



It had been ninety minutes since Travis had left Steven to work on the tent. After a few attempts at getting the stakes put in and the rods pulled through the fabric he had managed to put up a decent tent up. All that was needed now was some firewood and stones for a campfire... Travis's duty. He hadn’t realized how long it had been since he sent Travis out to gather wood. A check of the watch showed just how much time had passed since his friend had left for the depths of the forest.

"Travis?", Steven called out to the general area, thinking he wouldn’t have been too far off from camp. After a minute with no response, Steven called out again, louder than before. Still silence before him. "He must have gone in further ahead", thought Steven as he looked back to the campsite behind him. "Although, why would he go in that far just for wood?" Part of him thought to go out and look for his friend but the other part figured it would be better to stay and wait to ensure the campsite wasn’t left alone. "Damnit, Travis, what are you doing out there?", Steven asked aloud, frustrated and unsure of what to do. That would be answered in short time and in the most unexpected way...



Travis was took aback as a whisper sent shivers down his spine, and with a sudden uplift the sword was freed from the stump, the blade flashing a blinding light, which spread throughout the glade! Carefully, he tried to control the weapon in his hands. Its sharp edges told the lost hiker that this was not a weapon to be trifled with. He rotated the blade, looking for those shining sigils.

"Dust... hear my voice."

"St- Steve? Is that you?" Travis called out in a confused voice, squinting in the brightness at the blade, questioning the voice.

"Dust... you must wake up!"

With each syllable that sounded out of seemingly nowhere, the sword's glow seems to pulse in harmony... was it the sword talking? Travis tried to respond.

"I... I am awake. But I was planning on going to sleep. It is getting late..."

"Dust! Dust!"

And what is this... "Dust" that keeps getting mentioned?" Travis's voice grew more panicked, as the other grew more commanding.

"Wake up Dust! Hear my voice!"

"I can hear you loud and clear, sword!", said an afraid Travis, as the sword flashed brighter as it repeatedly annunciated that Dust must awaken. Suddenly a blast of wind blew straight at the lost man, a strong breeze hitting his body. He heard an odd noise as the gust hit his body, sounding from behind him, like flapping and billowing, despite his jacket being tightly fastened up when he entered this hollow. Instinctively, Travis used a free hand to hold onto his clothing as he fought the breeze blowing in his face, while the other remained on the hilt... oddly, the hiker's clothes did not feel the way they used to. Not as thick. More like a cloak than a coat, which explained the sound he heard of his cloak fanning out behind him. Curious, Travis twisted the shining sword, hoping to catch a glimpse of this new clothing in the blade's reflection... but it turned out the changes were much more drastic than what he first felt or thought. Sleeves of black cloth flowed past his elbows, part of a long-sleeved shirt that was covered by a black vest trimmed with crimson. He was wearing baggy teal pants made of a material most unlike the hiking cargos he had started the day with, and black boots that reflected the blade's illumination with the clarity that newly polished leather produces. Wrapped around his shoulders was a frayed teal cloak, with the hooded portion covering a conical hat. Feeling the breeze in odd places, he noticed there seemed to be holes in the hat, and in the seat of his transformed pants.

"Dust...", repeated the speaking sword, as Travis tilted it, aghast at the changed clothing and desperately wondering how what brought on the change. Was this the power of the mystic light that this sword shone? The sudden breeze that hit him without warning? Travis questioned the sword once more.

"Dust? Who is Dust? I'm Travis. Do you have any memory issues?" He continued to analyse his reflection as the image that the blade displayed changed again, the hiker's skin turning a now familiar teal colour, his hair's hue becoming silvery blue. He quivered as a feeling of warm crawled across his skin, shorthaired fur spreading across his whole body. He felt even more confused... first what he wore, now what he were? He tentatively felt his cloak, his trousers, his vest, his boots... Just what material have they become? It felt odd, alien, perhaps due to the fur brushing the inside of the garments. The breeze struck once more, up into his face, and Travis could feel appendages grow from the top of his head, pointed ears emerging through the holes in his hat. The breeze changed direction, blowing from behind, its force seeming to stretch his face into a feline muzzle. Then with one final blast of cool air from ahead of him, a long fluffy tail stretched out from the hole at the seat of his pants, swinging and swaying nervously while the ears twitched around, as a confused Travis, now the owner of a few "animal" features, turned the cogs in his head. Transformed by the light of this sword, he had become a mysterious creature, clad in unfamiliar clothing. Was this the power of the sword? To strip those who are illuminated of humanity and clothe them in something else? Something more befitting their new form? The beast felt the holes for his ears and tail, which twitched as his paws neared, sensing their presence.

"Dust! Awaken, Dust! Hear my voice!"

That sword was harping on again... Dust! Dust! Who was this Dust? What did this sword want with Dust? Why did it keep screaming this name at... him...? A mental block was suddenly forming, it was getting harder to think... what was his name again?

"Dust! Dust!" That name echoed in Travis's mind, over and over, making it hard to focus. Travis held tight to the hilt with both his paws, struggling to form a response.

"I hear you... Sword... I see what you have done... but... it's awakened only my.. curiosity..." He was starting to shake, mind rapidly wracked by the echo in his head... Dust... Dust... Dust... His mind was slipping, memories fading away... random questions were darting about... who, or what, was this Dust? Where exactly was he? What was this sword? What was he? Who was he? And then suddenly...


With one final, loud exclaimation, the mental tumult was enveloped by pure sonic buzzing, and everything went blank...


As Steven looked deep into the forest, pacing into the depths, a sudden flash of light followed by a powerful shockwave burst from the centre of the forest, the roaring energy shaking the trees and coming right for Steven. Unable to react, let alone comprehend it in time, he found himself lifted off his feet, thrown back into the open flap of his tent, colliding and pushing enough to cause the stakes and rods to all come free,tangling him up in a mess of orange and blue nylon. Taking some time to free himself from the mess, the wriggling man inside was yelling obscenity after obscenity. "What in the- Get off me, tent!" After much struggle and finally free, Steven panted, looking to the glade and the remains of the campsite he had set up, now looking hit by heavy winds. Only the heavy bags managed to only fall onto their sides rather than go flying.

Son of a-," cursed Steven again, feeling sore from the fall, "What in the hell was that?" Observing the remains of the campsite he contemplated the source of that shockwave before his stomach sunk like a stone. "Travis!"

Abandoning the site and gear, Steven ran quickly into the glade. Being hit by the blast from that range was bad enough, but if Travis was still in there he could have possibly fared worse! Praying not to find a broken body against some tree trunk he darted through the glade in all directions in hopes of finding his friend. As he ran the trees around him felt ever more looming, somehow even larger than before.  Panting and trying not to trip, Steven looked around, calling out for Travis constantly. No matter how much he yelled, however, the trees of the glade blocked out almost all sound, none of it managing to travel more than a few metres. Getting concerned and frustrated even more, Steven could not see that the clothes on his body were looking quite baggy on him now, feet stomping so hard he couldn’t feel the changing size in his shoes. That was, until he made a big trip. Failing to lift his shoe one small inch caused him to hurtle forward, pants, shoes, socks, and even underpants sliding off from behind him while his overlarge shirt clung onto his shoulders as he rolled and tumbled.

"Oof! Argh! Yahhh! Owie!", Steven shouted at each landing before finally sliding to a stop on his back. Groaning, he slowly lifted himself to a sitting position to find only his shirt and nothing below it. "AUGH! Something cut me in half!", Steven screamed, yelling in pain he thought he felt before he realized one of his feet was wiggling toes. Utterly confused, he reached to grab the edge of his shirt before seeing a hand that was not extending by his usual reach... nor was the hand familiar. It was orange and white, covered in fur and ending in claws.  Sending shock throughout his body, he let out another scream, though he also heard one that was far higher pitched and shrill than his. He shook his head wildly around, was there someone else also here? As he shook he felt something on the top of his head that felt fuzzy and floppy. Quickly looking up he saw more orange furred pieces, looking like ears right above his head. Something was right on him!

"Ack! It’s on my head! Get if off! Get it off!", Steven screamed, ducking out from the large confines of the shirt and backing up quickly, making sure to hover high above so whatever was below didn’t get him… wait... "hover"? Steven turned around quickly, unable to see anything behind him but below him it was certainly clear: somehow he had managed to lift off from the ground and hover!

"H-how am I... W-what…?!", Steven panted, catching himself by surprise when he realized what his voice was sounding like. Putting his hands to his mouth he was instead greeted to two fuzzy clawed paws slapping over them instead. This sudden surprise caused him to recoil back into a tree trunk, where he felt something on his back brushing up to the bark. It was then that he finally saw what it was. Wings, large and furred, flapping behind his back, keeping him suspended in the air. Lowering his hands he saw that the paws moved whenever he willed them. Looking further down he saw a small body, orange and white furred, below his neck. What he had thought to be some monster chasing him had been himself…

 "Oh n-no! I-I’m a monster!!"

A cyan creature awoke in a grassy clearing, the sun shining from above, through an opening in a canopy of trees. Groggily, he awoke, his head spinning, asking questions of confusion... where were he? The sunlight... was it day? A voice from behind was calling, possibly for him.

"Dust! Awaken!"

The beast had been having an incredibly vivid dream, of creatures with furless pink flesh, exploring a forest somewhat like this one... it was hard to recall any other details, especially because he had been rudely awakened by the shouting from behind. He put his paws to the earth and pushed himself up, back flipping and landing gracefully, then spun to face the source of the shout. A shining sword floated through the opening, glowing in sync with the voice.

"Dust... you are finally awake."

"H... How long was I sleeping...?", replied the groggy creature, not making much sense of the situation, head buzzing.

"I cannot say, I have found you here after hearing your call to summon me."

"Urf... it sounded like you were calling to summon me...", said the being, still displeased by his slumber being interrupted so suddenly... he was starting to pay more attention though... this sword said he was trying to summon it... he couldn't remember summoning any sword... he couldn't recall any happenstance of the sort... in fact he couldn't seem to remember anything! This sword seems to be calling him Dust, though... was that his name?

"It was all I could do to awaken you from your slumber. It took some time to wake you though. Allow me to introduce myself."

Dust stepped forward, curling his paws around the sword's hilt. If he did summon it, he may as well use it.

"I am Ahrah, one of the five blades. I have been summoned by you, and there is a quest which only you must undertake."

Unable to recall anything about summonings and quests, the cyan creature could only introduce himself with the name the sword was calling him. "OK, Ahrah... and... I'm Dust, apparently... quest... lay it on me, Ahrah."

"Let us start by heading for Aurora Village, it is not too far from The Glade. I sense some troubles, master. Worry not, this quest will answer any questions you may have about who you are... but there are other important matters at stake, we must make haste!"

"Haste?" Dust looked down to examine the quality of his boots. The quality was surprisingly good. Almost brand new even. His entire garb, with the exception of the ragged cloak, seemed to be in exceptional condition. They were certainly in good shape for the haste Ahrah demanded. "Haste it is." Dust croucheed, and dashed off, blade in hand... then screeched to a halt. "Where is Aurora Village?"

"Head to the east, Dust. Aurora Village sits at the edge of the Glade."

Dust hung his head. "I would head east, if I had a compass."

"Then allow me..."

The sword pulled at Dust's arms, sending Dust skidding in the direction it flew. Mud, twigs and leaves clung to his boots, the being sliding on the forest floor. He was being catapulted into an adventure with no idea of any direction, and no memories to guide him... just a hope that this sword would lead the way... and that the village had a cobbler who would polish Dust's boots...


"I'm... I'm a monster..." Steven was panting, and crying out in a shrill voice, sounding nothing like his old self. Hell, it could hardly be called Steven’s old gender. His head darted around; further inspection of his body, it's figure, revealed a dreadful truth to him. He was no longer a he. "No... but that’s impossible! What’s happening to me!?", the now 'she' screamed, her voice wailing in confusion and concern.

"Fidget… come", called a voice suddenly. Smooth and calming, the tones entered Steven’s large ears and helped her breathe easier. She was still scared out of her mind and unsure of what was happening but she felt compelled to answer the voice.

"Fidget? I don’t know who you’re talking about. I’m Steven… or was… or I don’t even know and I’m freaking out over here!!!"

"Come Fidget, to me", called the voice again, with the same tone and calming disposition.

"I said I’m not Fidget! You’re not even listening, are you?", she called out in frustration.

"Fidget, I-"

"Gah! You aren’t listening! What button have I gotta press to skip this talk?”, Steven said, unaware of saying anything out of the ordinary.

"Someone has claimed me, Fidget. Come." The voice seemed continued to call out, desiring to draw her even deeper into the forest.

"Claimed you? I don’t even know who you are, disembodied voice in my head- Oh no! I have voices in my head! What am I doing?” What was she doing? Why was she on a tree branch covering her ears? What was this voice calling to her? WHY WAS SHE A SHE?!

"Fidget", the voice called out, echoing above her, causing her to look up. "Awaken!"

On the voice's command, it came back all to her suddenly. Those formerly brown eyes turning a vibrant green as she finally remembered what she was doing! Ahrah! That sword had gotten loose and floated towards this glade! She, as the guardian of the sword, was supposed to keep it safe and secure! Ohhh if anyone of her friends found out… it would be totally embarrassing and maybe make her hit the top 10 lists of worst gaming heroes!

"Ohhhhh you stupid sword! When I get you back I’m gonna SO throw you into the ground and lock you under, like, 20… NO, 30! 30 locks and hide all the keys! No way are you getting away from Fidget!" Flapping her wings fervently, Fidget zoomed off in the direction of Ahrah’s energy. As she did she came upon a most unusual sight. The sword was flying by and being dragged behind it was a cyan catlike creature, clothed in turquoise and black. Before she had time to respond, the sword and being sped right past her, causing her to spin around dizzily.

"Hey! Get back here Ahrah!", screamed Fidget, regaining her senses. "At least let me get some kind of cutscene button or something next time! Ahrah! AHRAH!!" And with that, Fidget chased once again after the sword, that blue cat, and, unbeknownst to her yet, a grand adventure.

The Sword in the Stump
Words by me and Lui, copyedited by me.

So this took a bit of time. The original RP between me and Lui originally featured just a Dust TF, and that was pretty far back, but Lui wasn't happy with just that so he's wrote a Fidget TF too, which I've worked into this story. I hope you enjoyed the awakening of these adventurers!

Characters (C) Dean Dodrill
Ah, Bank Holiday Monday. For many, a day off, or, at least, a chance to legally get out of the workplace early. Jeff was one such individual, a clerk at an insurance broker, who relished long weekends like these, and liked using them as an opportunity to try out new experiences, most of the time suggested or arranged by his friend Violet. Violet worked in a car parts factory; not the most glamorous of employers, nor one you'd associate with the fairer sex, but Violet had some sort of interest in machinery and mechanics... and also music. If she wasn't teaching Jeff how to construct automata and make simple gadgets, she was showing off new and interesting musical instruments, and letting Jeff have a jam on them. Suffice to say, Jeff never managed to play anything that was music to Violet's ears, but he had fun nevertheless.

Monday, 11:20am. Jeff had spend last night having a movie marathon by himself, watching a few of his favourite flicks, and intermittently messaging his friends who had made their own plans for that night. He'd spend so much time on the couch that he'd passed out and slept on it through the late night and most of Monday morning, but a ringing of a doorbell awoke him from his late slumber. He stretched and rolled himself off the couch, climbed up and made his way to the door, unlocking it and opening it with a yawned hello. Opening it revealed his good friend Violet. She had once again promised to bring an interesting new instrument, but had been cryptic in her calls as to what exactly it was. Whatever it was, it seemed it was behind her back, attatched to a strap slung over her shoulder, occasionally striking her in the back gently as it wavered due to momentum.

"Oh hey, lazybones... what's up?" asked Violet.

"Urf... late night in front of the telly... sorry... make yourself at home, I'm going to go shower and change out of this loungewear..." Jeff made way for Violet, who carefully entered the house, not wanting to damage whatever she was carrying on her shoulder. The late sleeper lumbered upstairs to the bathroom, leaving his friend to get comfortable. Several minutes later, he returned, dressed in jeans, trainers, and the first t-shirt he could find, stumbling slightly down the stairs. "So, what have you got for me this time, musician of mystery?"

"Well... check this out!" Violet brought the object she was hauling to her front, revealing a keytar, its outer shell constructed of a clean white plastic, its knobs and keys immaculate. Jeff couldn't help but laugh; that instrument was always so ridiculous, and so awesome.

"What the? Whoa... where did you get this?", said Jeff incredulously.

"Picked it up for cheap from some music store. 'Mayhem Music'. Hadn't encountered it before, seems to have opened recently."

"Nice. But why the Keytar though? The 80s called, they want their instrument back!"

"What are you talking about? Keytars and melodicas are all the rage!" Violet patted the base of her new purchase. "We are in the keytar renaissance, as it were." She took the keytar off her shoulders and carefully lay it on the lounge table for Jeff to examine. The keytar's shape curved inwards slightly, with different buttons, knobs and dials above the keys, and speaker slats built into the neck. Jeff picked up the instrument and felt it in his arms.

"Wow... I've never actually held one before. Feels good, actually. Pretty cool. Nice and lightweight. I'd have thought it'd feel heavier." He slung the strap over his shoulder and tried playing a few notes, but no sound emerged from the built-in speakers. "Huh? Where's the notes? What gives, Vi?" asked a shocked Jeff.

"He he, don't rush now, you can't play a keytar if you haven't turned it on", said Violet, unable to resist having a rag at her friend. "Here." She crouched, and reached for the on/off dial, turning it into the correct position. "There you go! On!", she cheerfully proclaimed. Jeff couldn't wait to really try a few notes, and struck a few keys at random.

"Hmm... That's pretty good to be honest!", Vi praised.

Jeff paused, a bit confused. "Hmm? Really? I just kinda hit any random key."

"My expert opinion, Jeff. Who knows, maybe you have a natural talent for the keytar."

"It could have been a fluke, I've never been praised while playing anything else!", protested Jeff.

"Come on natural. A few more notes", suggested Violet, a slightly teasing tone in her voice.

"Alright, alright..." Jeff took hold of the instrument once more and started playing, this time putting some focus in playing a longer, not so random, string of notes. Actually, it really did sound pretty good to Jeff's ears! Perhaps a little bit familiar... but nothing instantly sprang to Jeff's mind. He was certainly pleased with his progress though. "Ha! You were right! Maybe with some practice, I'll be playing something that's truly rocking!"

"Heh, you don't need practice when you're this good, Jeff!" Violet couldn't help but grin and dance as her friend's fingers travelled the length of the keytar in a blur. He wasn't sure why, but despite his inexperience the music Jeff was playing was more and more resembling something of a song... how? Despite that wonderment, he certainly was enjoying it more and more. He closed his eyes and felt the keys, a growing look of focus on his face as he let the music flow forth, his fingers slipping across the keys with ease, starting to slick and shimmer.

"Something's....familiar about this...", said Jeff, calmly and quietly, not wanting to overpower the keytar's sound. His fingers shone silver, looking slightly scaly, taking total control of the keytar... his nails lengthening, sharpening, becoming hot pink...

Jeff suddenly opened his eyes, wrenched out of his musical trance, a look of shock beset on his face as he viewed his transformed hands. "W-what?" His exclaimation was enough to distract Violet from her little dance and get her attention to the hands on the keytar.

"What? Wh-whoa!", shouted Violet. "I was about to praise you for being such a fast learner and a keytar prodigy, but something seems off about your hands..."

Jeff's panicked eyes darted between the keytar and his friend. "I think something's happening with this..? This... this isn't right!"

"You look like you could play it even better with such nimble looking hands though..."

Jeff looked at his unusual hands once more... rather than panic he felt another urge to play. "I... you might be right?"

"You said you wanted to try something incredibly awesome, right?"

"Y-yeah? Mmph... D... do you have any requests?"

That question... that wasn't exactly the question that he WANTED to ask, but that's what came out of his mouth... Violet hummed and thought, as more of Jeff's skin started to shine, grey scales emerging and spreading. If he was taking requests, she may as well think of something. "Some triumphant rock... We Are The Champions. That could be a good one..." Violet was happy to oblige... she seemed unusually OK with Jeff's skin's unusual state. The keytarist, though, looked a bit concerned at the spreading scales, feeling a bit of a chill where they encroached... but his audience had a request! He had to satisfy his fans! Instantly he began to play We Are the Champions, this time providing vocals as well. His singing voice sounded a little more higher pitched than his speaking voice, a bit more laced with attitude. As he wailed, his light brown hair darkened and lengthened. What a voice, what keytar skills... Violet just had to applaud such an impressive performance.

"Bravo! That rocked, Jeff!" Jeff couldn't help but grin and give the horns with his clawed hand, pleased that his audience was giving such a positive response.

"Oh yeah! Any other sweet requests?"

"Not this time, I'll give you the reins for the next one. Gonna let you improvise, and hear what comes out of you!"

"You got it! I think I'll continue with... w-wait... does this seem off to you?" It seemed that Jeff had left the rapture of the keytar once more...

"No... You're just getting into a good keytar mood. Asking for requests, showing a desire to prove your skills... it's only natural", replied Vi with a slight giggle, trying to coax Jeff back into playing it.

"I feel... different. Is it my nail colour...?" Jeff stared at his claws with a puzzled look, the hot pink polish reflecting in his eyes as their irises shifted their colour towards bright lime green. He blinked and gave a confused head tilt.

"What's up, Jeff? Inspecting the settings? Deciding on your next sound?"

"Vi, I'm feeling something is off, but I can't place it..."

"Aw, relax, bud. Play some more, perhaps you could try a bit more bass for the next one." Violet had some slight wonderment at Jeff's transformation and puzzlement, but that was buried beneath her eagerness to see her friend's skills progress!

"Bass... yeah, maybe you're right. Bass." Jeff picked up the instrument dangling off his shoulders once more, cleared his throat, and sang in time to the bold, low notes. With those major bass thrums, he started to grow larger, little by little, growth following the rhythm. His body expanded as he closed his eyes and let out a high pitched glam rock scream, his clothes straining, tears starting to form at the sleeves and neck of his white t-shirt. To conclude the track, he slid on his knees and broke into a crazy solo, hot pink highlights tipping his jet black hair as it continued to lengthen behind him. Violet just couldn't believe the speed at which Jeff was now moving his fingers.

"Wow... I can't believe you've reached this level so soon!"

"Huff... huff... I don't know what came over me... I just played... and it felt good...", Jeff panted, running a hand through his lengthening hair, letting his keytar drop, suspended only by the straps.

"I can definitely see you're a natural. You've found your calling, Jeff.", congratulated Violet.

"Mmm, yeah... I think I can go pro with this. You mind if I keep it?" asked Jeff, his voice's tone differing, sounding more mature and feminine.

"Sure thing. I doubt even I can play it as good as you've been doing. Just... just show me just how pro you can go!" laughed Violet loudly. That was pretty much the signal for Jeff to resume; he put his hands on the keytar immediately and busted out another powerful composition once more, a wide grin on his face. He jumped and slid around the room, feeling the music echo through his burgeoning body, filling him with incredible energy. Those deep bass thrums had returned, every hit causing his entire body to grow, enough to tear the sleeves off his t-shirt, oddly without their edges being frayed... but it was his chest where the growth was most pronounced, a feeling of outward push... what remained upon the body morphed its shape to better accomodate this changing frame, the shade of the material darkening to grey, two tones of grey, lighter at the top of the newly-formed vest, darker below. Glowing green trim traced along the vest's edges, as it opened at the top to better fit, and slightly reveal, his... or, as was now evident, her, rather busty build. It was even short enough to display a bared, scaled midriff. Her sleeves slid down her arms, darkening to an obsidian shade, thick lime green stripes appearing to the pulse of the music as their wearer headbanged and screamed, too deep within the music to care about changing gender or clothing. That growth, though... it just filled her with so much power and confidence. Her jeans stretched, the material changing, feeling less stiff, much looser and roomier, weight getting lighter, colour getting darker, and ragged frays forming at the heels. The being, who could definitely no longer be referred to as Jeff, turned her scaly, yet still humanoid head, to Violet, still playing a simple ditty.

"Hey, darling, you wouldn't happen to know where I put my amplifier, would you?"

"Er... no... hang on... your amplifier?"

The scaly musician looked at Violet with deep lime green eyes, pink markings and black mascara appearing around them. "A musician never leaves without one."

"Well I'm a musician and I didn't bring an amplifier. What are you talking about?" Violet's amazement was decaying into panic and confusion; what was her... friend saying? The large being scratched her chin with a claw-like nail, pondering her amp's whereabouts.

"Oh... where did I leave it... could have sworn I brought it in. How am I supposed to do a show without it? You, hun... you stay here. I'm gonna go check my car, maybe I just left it inside." Violet was silenced with confusion as the creature strolled out to the front door, shaking her rump as she made her way, as shining green lines trailed down the sides of each pant leg. Did Jeff carry an amp in his car? Did he even own one? She was just dumbstruck by the situation now, as she watched the scaly songstress duck through the doorway, something sharp and pointy starting to jut out from her upper back.

"It's gotta be in here..." The transformed 'Jeff' pushed open the boot of the car in the driveway. Changes were still occuring: her belt had gained her signature colours: it was edged in magenta, and across the black leather ran a chartreuse zigzag that shot across the length of the belt like lightning. She looked inside, adjusting her belt as it started to split at the rear, the two sides joined by a growing green hoop of sturdy fabric, through which the beginnings of a tail started to slide out. "Oh, it must be pretty deep in..." moaned the great being, peering in deeper, her face extending into a sharp pointed head, perfect for looking deep inside...

"Hmm... ah, here we go!" The creature reached in and pulled out the amplifier, grinning at the sight of it. With her immense strength, she put one arm around the amp and pulled it out of the boot, closing it with her free hand. Now she could truly show her talents. She lugged the amp back to her living room, her audience awaiting. With every step she took, her footwear changed, becoming mostly white, decorated with her signature colours, somewhere between shoes and boots, but absolutely massive and powerful. Through the corridoors she went, twisting her flexible, yet thick, tail... big, barbed and meaty yet easily controllable. As she stomped closer to the living room, Violet could do nothing but gape at the approaching figure, discerning it to be that of an anthro shark. Was this what Jeff had become? She set her amp on the floor, and got to connecting it to her keytar.

"Hi again, er... miss... er..." stuttered Violet, somewhat lost for words.

"Mayehm, darling."

"Mayhem... er... hi?"

"Mmm... thanks for the welcome, Vi"

Mayhem... that name seemed familiar... wasn't that Keytar purchased from 'Mayhem Music'? Coincidence? The great shark finished hooking up her keytar and turned to face her audience of one, her long hair flowing below her waist, the pink strands even more vibrant than ever. Vi observed the keytar... there was a decal on the white casing showing the silhouette of a shark... was that always there? It certainly was clear who the keytar belonged to now though.

"So... are you going to play that... your... keytar?" asked Violet, stammering.

"I... I still don't feel... ready." Just then, Violet caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eyes. Something on the table... a pair of headphones. Those distinctive colours, that bulky build... were those Mayhem's? What were they doing here? Violet was sure Jeff didn't leave any headphones lying about when she first arrived. Vi cautiously picked up the headphpnes and offered them to the shark.

"Excuse me, are... are these yours?"

Mayhem took the headphones and thanked the human. "Ah, that's more like it!" she gleefully exclaimed. As she donned them, Violet continued to worry. Now it was she who was the one who felt things were off. First the amp, then the headphones... the shark's belongings were just appearing out of nowhere. What was going on?

"Hey, Vi? What's bothering you?"

"N... nothing..."

"I'm all set, Vi. You wanna hear me rock? I'll sweep your worries away..."

"Yeah... G-go ahead..."

Mayhem engaged the instrument, and rapidly got into the rhythm, the loud notes blasting through the speakers. Judging by the expressions on the shark's face, it seemed Mayhem had a massive familiarity with whatever she was playing, but Vi just couldn't name whatever tune she was hearing, despite how addictive and catchy the music was. The shark smoothly segued from track to track, showing off her style. A few tracks in, she turned her sharp snout to Violet, still playing without looking at her fingers.

"Hmm... I think I'm going to need some help with this next one... why don't you come up on stage with me?" Coming to the track's close, she raised an arm and pointed a finger at Violet.

"Stage? What stage?" Violet's confusion was growing even more.

"You said you had a knack for music, right?"

"I doubt it's... as good as yours."

Mayhem winked and grinned a grin only a shark could give. "Hey, give it all you've got and you never know." She waved to Violet, beckoning her over. "See, if I'm gonna be rocking out like a demon I'm going to need some assistance with this crowd."

"Crowd? What are you talking about?", complained Violet. Why was she agreeing to do this anyway? She hadn't brought anything else with her aside from the keytar she had given away. No stage... no crowd... no instruments... was this shark delusional? Was Mayhem seeing things?

"Okay, stand by your table", said Mayhem, gesturing towards a nearby coffee table. "We're starting the next song soon, okay?"

"Er... okay?"

"Alright, let's jam!" Mayhem started tapping her boot to the beat, the sound of a drumbeat coming from somewhere in the room, despite there being no drumkit evident. Violet darted her head round in confusion, silently questioning the invisible instruments, before looking back at the coffee table. All there was upon it was a pile of magazines and some leftover popcorn from Jeff's movie marathon. What did Mayhem expect her to do with that? Now another instrument made its sound... an acoustic guitar... another instrument that wasn't present, yet still sounding loud and clear. Was Violet supposed to be part of this invisible backing group? How did Mayhem expect her to contribute? Play air guitar? She picked up a magazine, rolled it up and silently strummed it like a string instrument.

"What are you doing? You're not supposed to strum those! Hurry! You're starting soon!"

A shout from Mayhem! Violet turned her head, viewing the perplexed shark, who was on the verge of busting out her keytar. Well... what was she supposed to do with the magazine in her hands? The magazine that looked... rather different on second glance. Thinner. Black, a bit reflective, textured, and definitely not paper. Wait a minute... was this a coiled up vinyl record? Was she supposed to be Mayhem's DJ? Perhaps that was why she had been asked to stand near a table. Violet looked back to the coffee table; indeed, the stack of magazines had been replaced with a pile of vinyls. Violet groaned... desipte her musical experience she'd never been a DJ before... now she was in the position that Jeff usually found himself in during Violet's visits. She may as well try though... so Violet unrolled the record, which wobbled and gained rigidity. The table's surface looked higher and wider now, about stomach height, and several buttons and sliders appeared on it, with two spots for vinyls to be placed. Indeed, as Violet thought, it would have to have been a turntable in Mayhem's eyes... But now hers too? She put the record on one of the spindles and set the needle.

The music behind Violet segued into a bridge, sounding very quiet initially but building up. Mayhem looked at her expectantly with a serious expression, and Violet knew playtime was over. The shark was expecting her to start working the table soon. She set a second record onto the free turntable, took her seat, and primed the records for spinning, hands on the vinyls. The bridge was getting louder... louder... a ticking was sounding in her head. She couldn't determine where it came from... it didn't sound like it came from within the room, it had to be in her head...

Then, at the peak of the bridge, silence. Silence as the music behind her cut out. Silence, except for the ticking... and a counting... and a 1.



As the band sprang into action once more, Violet span the turntable music into life, a raucous cheer coming from in front of her. Just as Jeff took to the keytar like a duck to water, it felt like Violet was a natural with the turntable. Feeling and identifying the flow and rhythm of the music behind her, she played the vinyls in perfect sync, utilising her musical knowledge despite not having operated a turntable before. The sound of the acoustic guitar was getting louder; Vi turned back to see that a canine backing bassist had joined Mayhem upon the stage... there was a stage! They were playing upon an actual stage! Vi faced forward to view... a crowd! A crowd of thousands rocking out to Mayhem's music! She didn't know how they got here but she knew she had to please them! As she spun the discs with focus and precision, white fur, maybe even the colour of matte platinum, started to spread across her hands and up her arms. She didn't care for that, though. She was much more interested in scratching those discs than scratching that fur!

The stage's lighting was growing more intense as the drumbeats developed, high-decibel sound blasting from the amplifiers stacked on the stage. Spinning and flashing, shining upon the crowd and stage, getting ever brighter, strobing faster... but Violet wasn't distracted. She felt used to this luminescent hoopla; anyway, the lights seemed filtered... somewhat neutralised through a ruby red tint over her vision. Just let her focus more on that crowd, then. She grinned a smile of sharpening teeth, reveling in the rhythm, happy to be doing her bit in pleasing the audience, as stripes scrawled their way across her arms, from violet at her wrists to hot pink at her shoulders, the whitish fur travelling under her sleeveless top now, seeming to poke through it, seperating the fibres as the garment dyed a bright magenta. She could really feel the thudding beat in her body, its force reshaping it beyond her comprehension, into a feline shape that was slimmer, athletic, youthful, with a flat chest... the body of a male anthropomorphic cat, clad in a garish string vest that revealed a rainbow of stripes running down the sides of his white fur, from crimson to indigo.

That thundering beat was bouncing, he just had to bounce along with it, up and down in his seat, his large pierced feline ears flopping up and down, his azure and chartreuse hairdo swishing across his changing face, brushing over his goggles, his whiskers waving. His friendship bracelets rattled upon his wrists, a plastic yellow pendant with a beaming smiley face smacking into his chest as he bopped to the beat, doing what he did best. His tight jeans flared out into comfortable, spacious purple rave pants, decorated with bright cyan trim. A long tail shot out of his rear as he bounced up to a paticularly potent note, striped with a near-rainbow of colours. He was just so in his element right now, scratching away, in total control as he tweaked the sound of Mayhem's keytar and vocals while the shark wandered the stage. The crowd burst into applause as Mayhem brought the song to an epic climax, one final chord accompanied by a whooping and cheering! Mayhem gave a cheer back, pumping her fist. The cat at the decks was all too eager to show his appreciation too.

"Thank you! Thank you! You guys all rock!" shouted the raver kitty, waving to the screaming fans.

"You're damn right they rock! This is where it's happening tonight!" replied the shark, slapping his back. The cat turned to face Mayhem, grinning, flicking his tail.

"Thanks Mayhem, but this kitty wants to RAVE!" The shark grinned, unstrapping her keytar. Sure she had her fun, but there was no way she could deny the cat his!

"You heard the kitty! Who's ready for a rave?" Pretty much everyone: there was another eruption of cheering from the appreciative audience. The cat just had to blush.

"Then without further ado... FURRIES IN A BLENDER!"

FIAB gave a thumbs up, shouting a hearty "You got it!", and swapped the discs on the decks, setting them into motion with rapid spins. Mayhem was leaving the stage... the arena was all his now. He knew what the crowd expected, and what he had to give them: the euphoria-laden sound of happy hardcore! The stage lights reflected the mood of the music, cascading through colours, beaming down on the crowd, glowsticks and luminescent attire shining as they got on their feet and raved to the beat. FIAB just kept grinning, amazed that the crowd made the fast transition from rockers to ravers. From backstage, Mayhem watched, smiling to herself.

"I gotta say, he knows how to get a party started."

FIAB viewed his lovers, the flowing glowing music to his eyes... they had to be wowed. The cat was starting to fancy some more extreme skills... He spun the discs faster with rapid paw movements, the vinyls spinning with so much momentum they could carry on at that rate without his assistance, and flipped upside down onto the table, performing a one-armed handstand, the other paw giving a thumbs up. The room was shaking, all were raving... and cheering! Cheers all round at the fearless DJ! They were loving it! The cat pushed off the table and flipped high, spinning 360 degrees, before descending onto the decks, both his paws landing upon one of his vinyls mid-revolution. Looked like FIAB was being taken for a spin! He was becoming a whirlwind of colour, spinning faster and faster as the disc's spin accelerated, before launching himself off the record. The music went quiet as he launched himself. People gasped, looking up to the flying cat as he made his descent, before his bare feet hit the floor, bouncing off as a massive bass beat struck, heralding the track's finale. FIAB bounded upon the floor, via the give in his big, thick, blue paw pads. The lights and crowd went ballistic as the beat and cat dropped, loving the feat!

"Thank you! Thank you! You thought all I could do was music? NOPE!", proclaimed FIAB proudly. He could here the frenzied comments from his admirers, how he loved that praise!

"Musically AND physically talented! This guy is awesome!" "How did he do that?! That was incredible!" FIAB just grinned, kicking back in his chair, mixing the records with his paws. Mayhem couldn't help but giggle from backstage.

"A crowd-pleaser AND a bit of a showoff, looks like the rest of us have some competition."

The track came to its conclusion, what lasted minutes feeling like hours. The crowd erupted into cheers, glowsticks and roses being thrown on stage. FIAB dodged the thorned flowers nimbly, snatching the glowsticks. Mayhem's booming voice sounded from the sound system.

"Let's give it up one more time for Furries in a Blender!" She clapped as the cat made his way backstage, ready to congratulate her colleague.

Not bad! Not bad at all, FIAB! You tore that stage up!"

"Thanks. They deserve to see me at my best!", replied the cat, absolutely ecstatic, bounding rapidly as a mean-looking jackal in a jacket made his way to the stage.

"Good show kid. You'll be a tough act to follow..." said Jackal Queenston with a smirk. FIAB bounded up to give him a high-five.

"Break a leg, JQ!" shouted FIAB, the large shark patting his head. Man, was this an awesome concert, and the night was still young...
Live in Concert! [collab with Luigio]
Words by me and Lui, copyedited by me.

A few years back, I was considering the idea of Lapfox Trax-themed TF: I asked squeedgemonster if it was OK, she said that yes, as long as it was explicitly a fanwork: she would refuse to contribute to anything non-canon.

Fast forward to 2014, and I managed to get a Lapfox TF RP done with Lui! And now, I complete the writeup! Only since then, I decided to try making my character in this (initially) female so there'd be an MTF and an FTM TG: the latter being rather ignored compared to the former but still very interesting.

TF into Mayhem instantiated by me, TF into FIAB instantiated by Lui. Characters (C) Lapfox Trax
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15 years! I still have a t-shirt from DA's 10th anniversary, and I have fond memories of the moments I had wearing it.

So let's do this questionaire thing...

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?: 5 years

  2. What does your username mean?: A love for and connection to wolves

  3. Describe yourself in three words.: Arroooo! Arrooooo! Howl!

  4. Are you left or right handed?: Righty

  5. What was your first deviation?: Can I be too embarrased to say?

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?: Literature

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?: Animation

  8. What was your first favourite?: Probably a Pokémon, I do have certain favourites...

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?: Cartoony digital art

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?: Three way tie: :iconvaporotem: was my first DA superstar whose art I loved, nowadays I'm a big fan of :iconalectorfencer: and :iconsilverfox5213:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? :iconvaporotem:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Everyone in Quad-and-fursuiting for being a first inspiration in my journey to getting a fursuit!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Pencil and paper, and my computer

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My bedroom

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Going to Deviant Meets in 2010



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